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I Did it Thrawn’s Way- Spiels and the Symbiosis of Red Teaming & Threat Intelligence Analyses

Red Teaming

In recent years, ‘red teaming’ has become a market buzzword often prompting corporate excitement and weaving an image of ‘pentesting’ in a red cape. This is unacceptable. The essence of red teaming is a healthy mix of ‘gegenspiel’ (Adversarial Thinking) and ‘Kontraspiel (Alternative thought), terms coined by Dr. Mark Mateski of Red Team Journal. I plan on expanding his concepts by applying both respectively to analyzing the character Thrawn from the Star Wars universe on how he does his threat profiling and fusion intelligence. Furthermore, 'red teaming' is not limited to the digital arena and includes physical and social vectors. The social category is not just social engineering but aspects such as history, philosophy, culture and art. In this talk, I’ll explain the logic behind this in a case study and then have participants conduct a ‘debrief’ by conducting deep research on a specific threat actor to explain why they do what they do not just on the TTPs, but motivations, rationale, etc.. This is to open minds to understanding red teaming as an asymmetrical art.

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