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How to hide your browser 0-days

Vulnerability Development

Zero-day exploits targeting browsers are usually very short-lived. These zero-days are actively gathered and analyzed by security researchers. Whenever a new 0-day becomes known by the security industry, protections against the exploit are shared, AV/IDS signatures are made, patches are deployed, and the precious 0-day loses its value. One example is when Ahmed Mansoor was targeted by an iOS 0-day exploit (August 2016). The Citizen Lab analyzed the 0-day exploit, and Apple patched the vulnerability within days ( Whoever targeted Mansoor, lost a precious 0-day exploit worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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This abstract doesn’t tell me at all what to expect out of the talk.


Wasn't this research published two years ago and presented at DeepSec 2017?

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Some of the benefits of speaking at INFILTRATE are:

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  • Ability to participate in the 1st ever profit sharing conference