Think Twice before torrenting!

Author(s): Harshad Sathaye
Category: Penetration Test
Duration: 45
Summary: Ever wondered how bad, piracy affects the rightful owners of the stuff that you
are downloading? Entertainment industry suffers huge losses because of piracy.
Obviously, it is impossible to estimate the value of piracy industry, nevertheless,
this industry is estimated to account for 38-42% of total potential sales
(entertainment industry). Piracy is not just restricted to the entertainment
industry; it has engulfed software business too. People who use BitTorrent
protocol for downloading stuff do get a free movie or a game perhaps.
Unfortunately, when someone downloads a pirated movie, film producers are
not the only people that suffer!
Online piracy not only affects the rightful owners, but the downloaders/uploaders as well.
In this presentation, I’ll be demonstrating why one should reconsider before
torrenting (illegal and copyrighted stuff). The system can crawl bittorrent
swarms to track down pirates, gather information like IP Address, ISP, City and
then scan for open ports, vulnerable services and then exploit these
vulnerabilities. There are countless users who are downloading stuff using p2p
networks, most of these users are not aware of the consequences that may

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Is this a talk about how to destroy the entertainment industry? Otherwise I don't see how it counts as offensive at all. If so, then I'd like that to be made explicit so that I can rate this talk a 10.



I tried rating this talk a "-10" but I guess immunity made a good job sanitizing their variables...


Ok some actual suggestions here: + Remove the frequently parroted but obviously wrong "potential sales" bit. You are not doing anyone any favors. + Get rid of the moralistic spin. + More details as to the technical bits. How are you "crawling" bittorrent swarms? DHT/PEX/tracker updates or something more elaborate perhaps? Demonstrating ways that hardened pirates may use to bypass restrictions set by private trackers in order to leech like there's no tomorrow would be a plus. Demonstrating ways of using the bittorrent protocol and some widely implemented extensions to do things outside the sphere of file sharing would be another plus. Your material as currently presented is yawn-inducing but it doesn't have to be!