Be a Binary Rockstar: Next-level static analyses for vulnerability research

Author(s): Sophia d'Antoine
Peter LaFosse
Rusty Wagner
Category: Vulnerability Research
Duration: 45
Summary: Program Analysis is often hampered when source code is not available. Many static program analysis tools depend on the availability of source code and cannot operate on binaries. One solution to this problem is Intermediate Languages that allow advanced analysis, but require lifting or translation from native instructions.

This talk will describe and release an example IL analysis plugin for automated discovery of a simple memory corruption vulnerability, using the Binary Ninja IL. A script for IL based variable signed analysis will also be described and released. The concepts of variable analysis, abstract interpretation, and integer range analysis will be discussed in the context of vulnerability discovery.

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Sounds like interesting if not just talking about simple things.


Sounds promising. Not sure why translating from machine language to IL would be helpful for finding memory corruption bugs (perhaps to do it in a single language) but I'd be interested in learning.