Inside the Threat Actor's Studio

Author(s): Aamir Lakhani
Category: APT
Duration: 60
Summary: Cybercrime is risky business but it’s also big business. Lloyd’s of London estimates the cost of cybercrime to businesses at $400B annually.
Why is cybercrime such a massive business? This session will take you into the Threat Actors Studio and the underground market place for the answers to that billion-dollar question. It will begin by describing some of the threats being delivered as Crimeware-As-A-Service (CaaS) and explain some interesting crime service enablers.
We will browse the DarkWeb and look at the different CaaS service providers, how they engage in business, and examine the services they provide.
Examining the life cycle from Bitcoin payments, to transportation and shipping to contraband, we will look at how cyber criminals operate in the underground Internet.
The session will take a look at detailed techniques that cyber criminals use, including money laundering, money transfer, organization targeting, and their motivations.

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Awesome speaker and all around amazing guy!


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