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Tommy Chin

Tommy Chin (Tommy)

Company: Grimm (SMFS, Inc.)

Tommy Chin is a security researcher at Grimm where a scary skeleton flies around, looking for its next victim to hack away with a mighty electronic scythe. Storyteller extraordinaire, Tommy focuses his research aspects towards the field of networking, wireless sensors networks, and signal processing. Tommy enjoys the traditional drinks of a white russian, mojito, and a double whiskey sour.

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Interested in Speaking?

We are pleased to announce the Call For Papers for INFILTRATE 2018 is now open. If you would like to present and have an offense-focused-fresh-content presentation, please submit an abstract, Bio and headshot to This information will be included on our Open CFP site, here, where the public can vote on which presentations they are most interested in seeing at INFILTRATE. Call for papers will close on December 14th, 2017. Shortly after this date, the winning speakers will be notified.

Some of the benefits of speaking at INFILTRATE are: